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ZYX Network game-changing updates for the DeFi and crypto space.

The ZYX Network team is delighted to announce that process of migration to the new blockchain is about to start.

ZYX Network was built and is operated by a team of developers with 5+ years of experience in blockchain, fintech, and software development fields supported by the marketing department with a wide scope of capabilities.

Genesis block of ZYX Network blockchain was launched in June 2020, operating on a PoS consensus with a broad geographical scope of users. At the moment network has generated 2.700.000 blocks with a 100% uptime ratio

Our decision to perform that change was taken under the effects of the constantly developing crypto environment and the necessity to implement new features to the network and users. A previously created blockchain was limited in part of such implementations, thus a decision to develop a new one was taken a few months ago and successfully delivered to the testnet launch. Shortly ZYX Network will be ready to give early access to the testnet in order to provide users with the best experience, based on the comments and stress tests of experienced community members and early adopters. A special grant is being established as an incentive for the test campaign. Form for the applicants will be published through the official channels on Twitter and Telegram.

Such migration will let the ecosystem grow faster and provide infinite scalability to the user, developers, and the whole ecosystem. Among core, specifications are implementation of Smart Contracts, full interaction with Web3, block generation every 3 seconds with 1,500 TPS, transactions hidden from mempool to avoid front-run and sandwich bots attacks.

ZYX Network plans to change the approach to the whole DeFi ecosystem by launching a DEX with a completely new look at the AMM, swap process fees, and user protection. Access to the platform will be granted to those beta-testers who will be eligible to receive access to the testnet.

To discuss all the issues in greater detail a conference with the ZYX team will be held on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 4 UTC.

For more information please refer to the official channels: