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Seasonal Tokens Launches Four Tokens for Cyclical Trading

 Seasonal Tokens has unveiled the first crypto project ever built for cyclical trading, with four tokens that replicate the features of a crypto bull market every 9 months. Every 9 months, the supply of each token halves, which results in a supply shock. As a result, the value of the token is expected to double. The tokens are built to increase in value in a predictable sequence so that holders always have investment opportunities and can increase their holdings without spending more.

In order to make profitable trades in the cryptocurrency space, investors must study the market and identify what phase they’re in. According to history, the Bitcoin market peaks every 4 years. This is when the price is highest, and investors can earn profits by selling their assets. In the interval between these 4-year cycles, investors usually experiment with other assets, including altcoins that are speculative and carry a lot of risk.

“Every 4 years, the Bitcoin price rises after the rate of production halves and the cost of production doubles,” says Seasonal Tokens lead dev Ruadhan. “This means that investors only get a great investment opportunity once every 4 years. Our tokens are designed to mimic the features of a crypto bull market every 9 months so that investors always have great investment opportunities.”

The team at Seasonal Tokens is committed to recreating the features of a bull market for each token every 9 months so that one of the four tokens is always in season. This makes it easier for investors to grow their wealth consistently, without having to wait years for the next investment opportunity.

Each of the 4 tokens – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – is designed to increase in price relative to each other in a predictable sequence. For example – nine months after the rate of production of Spring tokens is halved, the same thing happens to Summer tokens. Nine months after that, the Autumn halving takes place, followed by Winter halving. Each token experiences supply shock, and this is expected to contribute to in an increase in price every 9 months. Thanks to that, investors can trade these tokens in a cycle.

By investing in Seasonal Tokens, crypto enthusiasts can earn profits consistently and steadily increase their wealth, instead of relying on seasonal or speculative profits. Investors can continuously increase the number of tokens they own by trading more expensive tokens for the cheaper ones. If the price of one token plunges, holders can trade it for other Seasonal Tokens, therefore increasing the number of tokens they own. By consistently increasing the number of tokens in their portfolio, an investor can convert price fluctuations into gains.

Since Winter tokens are currently the most expensive and Spring tokens are the cheapest, trading Winter tokens for Spring tokens will result in 60% more tokens. Later this year, investors who trade Spring tokens for Summer tokens will also gain more tokens. By doing this, investors can trade their tokens and generate a profit without risking a loss, measured in tokens. Constantly trading for more tokens results in more tokens in the total investment.

With Seasonal Tokens, the seasonality of the Bitcoin market is no longer a problem. Thanks to the way this project is built, investors will always find one token in season. By holding Seasonal Tokens, investors no longer need to rely on Bitcoin’s 4-year cycle or take speculative risks with altcoins. Rather, investors can take advantage of the same effect that makes Bitcoin a good investment, again and again.