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Mudra unveils Liquidity Locking Platform; Builds an Ecosystem to Encourage Legitimate Projects

Liquidity pools for cryptocurrency tokens allow purchasers to buy or sell them instantly without creating a significant price movement. However, the rugpulls, a typical exit scam in the crypto industry, have targeted these liquidity pools. Crypto developers introduce a new token, engage in aggressive marketing, attract a large number of investors, and then withdraw the liquidity pool, leaving buyers with coins that are worthless.

As a result, liquidity locking, which prohibits such frauds, has been a popular request from investors. Due to the lack of a suitable liquidity locking platform, locking liquidity used to be a high-cost and challenging task. 

Mudra has recently added the most inexpensive and user-friendly platform to lock liquidity on BSC. With this platform, Mudra has made liquidity locking accessible to all genuine projects. And has contributed immensely to increasing the credibility of the BSC ecosystem, which has so far been criticized for being a hotbed of scam tokens.

By transferring the pool (LP) tokens to the Mudra time-lock contract, token owners can instantaneously lock their liquidity. Investors can now invest with confidence thanks to verified lock certificates with QR codes. Mudra locker has the most affordable rates, and lock management options such as lock extension are completely free. In 2021, it became the fastest-growing platform, with 1000+ projects signing up in a matter of weeks.

Mudra is a BSC asset manager that has developed a number of novel solutions for BSC investors and developers. Mudra Research has developed the first complete BSC token scan tool in the world. Mudra Research helps investors avoid shitcoins and scamcoins by using smart contract code and blockchain data analysis. Mudra Token Generator is the simplest method to make your own BSC token in seconds, with features such as a verified contract, anti-whale mechanics, honeypot-proof code, fee awards to holders, automatic liquidity increase, and more. You can learn more about Mudra on their website: