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Mar3 AI Announces Token Listing on Tier-1 Exchanges After Raising Over $1.2M During IDO

The 1st AI SocialFi platform’s token, $MAR3, is set to go live on and MEXC on Friday, January 12, 12 pm UTC.

Mar3 AI, the top trending AI SocialFi decentralized application (dApp) on the BNB Chain, announced the upcoming listing of its native token, $MAR3, on two leading cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC and PancakeSwap. This highly anticipated occasion represents a major milestone for the platform, poised to redefine the landscape of social monetization in the Web3 sphere.

Mar3 AI has garnered acclaim within the Web3 community for its pioneering approach, offering users the unique opportunity to not just connect with others, but also to generate passive income, endorse value, and engage in social account futures trading within the digital sphere. In addition, Mar3 AI is the first web3 social platform to seamlessly integrate AI, empowering users to create content with innovative AI tools, such as an AI text generator, AI NFT Generator, and AI Chatbot.

The platform’s dedication to transforming the landscape of social monetization is exemplified through the introduction of customizable pay-per-group communities and a decentralized donation mechanism, paving the way for automated passive income. These features provide content creators with direct financial incentives, effectively culminating the ongoing evolution of the creator economy.

The platform’s exponential growth and unparalleled success have positioned Mar3 AI as the #1 trending Social dApp and #4 trending AI dApp on the BNB Chain. Within just 3 months, Mar3 AI has garnered 150,000 active users and facilitated over 200,000 transactions.

David Ng, CEO of Mar3 AI, shared his excitement about the impending inclusion of their token on MEXC and, noting, “Introducing $MAR3 to these top-tier exchanges is a defining event for both Mar3 AI and our expanding user base. We are excited to introduce our native token to a broader audience, thereby enhancing liquidity and accessibility. It’s exhilarating to offer our native token to an extended market, thereby improving liquidity and reach. This listing is a testament to our successful IDO and a recognition of the vibrant and engaged community we’ve built. We eagerly anticipate $MAR3’s continued development and achievements on these platforms.”

Mar3 AI has strategically partnered with industry leaders such as Poolz Finance, BSCS, Spores Network, Kommunitas and DappRadar, leveraging their support to achieve remarkable success during the IDO. The recent IDO of Mar3 AI on leading launchpads garnered overwhelming support, raising a total of $240,000, with significant contributions from esteemed partners such as BSCS, Spores Network, Kommunitas, OpenPad and SeaPad. This platform continuously receives support from leading angel investment funds in the blockchain market, helping the project raise a total amount of up to $1.2 million to build and develop new AI features. .

The listing of $MAR3 on tier-1 exchanges and MEXC is set to enhance liquidity, access, and exposure for the token. Scheduled to go live on Friday, January 12, 12 pm UTC, this move is expected to attract a broader audience of investors and users, solidifying Mar3 AI’s position as a trailblazer in the Web3 space. As Mar3 AI embarks on this exciting journey, the platform’s plans include continuous innovation, community-driven initiatives, and further collaborations to redefine the Web3 experience, promising to empower users, creators, and investors alike.

For more information, visit Mar3 AI’s official website.

About Mar3 AI

Mar3 AI is a unique venture that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Social Finance (SocialFi) to create an innovative ecosystem. At its core is the native cryptocurrency, $MAR3, serving as a key to unlocking a multitude of functionalities and benefits. The platform offers advanced tools like the MAR3 AI Text Generator, AI Art Generator, and Video Generator, allowing users to create high-quality content using the latest AI technology. Mar3 AI’s unique SocialFi model further enhances user engagement, creating a vibrant community where members can actively participate, earn rewards, and contribute to the platform’s growth.

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