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ERAX Announces Launch of NFT Community of Time Capsules

NFT’s (Non-Fungible Tokens) are on their way to dominating the world of digital assets. Everything starting from owning art and music to having real estate on a corner of the internet has been made possible with the invention of NFTs. Millions of dollars are being exchanged for NFTs while users record their ownership in the blockchain. The cryptographic signature that validates ownership is called a hash. ERAX is launching a new feature called “ERAX Planet” on July 15th, 2021. ERAX Planet is an NFT community where users can collect and mint their own “Time Capsules” which travel across time and space. 

What is ERAX Planet? 

ERAX is a community in which members can create and collect all forms of NFTs that are made out of memory.  NFTs are a unique way to preserve memories that one can own forever. Any form of digital assets from image, sound to video related to a special moment can be preserved as a “time stamp” and all “time stamps” can be collected in the “Time Capsule”. ERAX provides an unique experience for users to cherish, remember and share their memories. These NFTs will last longer than time itself. NERA, the primary currency for ERAX, will be listed on Uniswap on July 16th and launch on the WBF Exchange on July 20.

Unique Features of ERAX Planet

ERAX has brought in some of the most unique features to facilitate involvement and activity in its community. Users can claim rewards to complete their collectables. They can get help from the community to finish their collections. Those who actively contribute will be rewards for their digital assets. This NFT marketplace is completely community run and every single earning goes back to the members. The profits will be distributed based on the share of ownership. It can be purchased, swapped or created by mining through the community. One can also create NFTs using ERAX Planet. So it is an all in all trading, creating and mining platform for NFTs with rewards and other benefits. 

To join the ERAX Planet community and to know more about the NFT marketplace visit the website:

You can also join their Telegram and Twitter community for the latest airdrops and project updates.