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CryptoGames Review & Opinions

After the digital evolution, the days of traditional gambling are fading in front of the rising online gambling platforms. The golden days of classic casinos are now being taken over by digital casinos and their modern architectures. Incorporating digital currencies and modern aesthetics into the games have transformed how people engage in the most classic source of entertainment. With the vast availability of transaction methods, cryptocurrencies are making entertainment more fun than before. It is also simpler than ever since people can get access to the games and all the additional entertainment without having to get in and leave the comfort of their own homes. There are now many online casinos that are offering their services to modern users of Cryptocurrencies and digital transaction systems. Now the question arises when there are so many online crypto-based casinos available, which one is the best fit for beginners? If you are also in the search of the best online casino catering crypto-based services, then we have the perfect option for you: CryptoGames. To learn about the casino completely, let’s take a close look at all that the casino has to offer to you.

General Introduction

CryptoGames is an online casino that was created by MuchGaming B.V., a well-known online gaming organization located in the city of Curacao. Since they discovered the cryptocurrencies, the casino has gone a long and inspirational way to provide fair gambling services to all of its players from the beginning.  CryptoGames provides its players with a great deal of entertainment that never lacks satisfaction. From its free rewarding features to its compact and classy gaming selection, CryptoGames offers something for all its players equally.                               

Any new player can effortlessly engage in the games for absolutely free thanks to the user-friendly interface that the casino has put up. Several features provide the players with a smooth gaming from the beginning. The casino can be accessed from mobile phones, laptops, and desktops because of its lightweight architecture. Since it is adaptable to even mobile phones, the entertainment doesn’t get hampered even when you don’t have access to computers. The house edge of all the games is impressively reasonable. CryptoGames’ house edge is considered the lowest in the industry. Now, in the following sections, you will find out more about CryptoGames’ variety of additional services and learn about them in-depth.

The Registration Process

To begin playing or exploring the system, all new players must first create an account. There are two types of registration process in CryptoGames. One is the base registration, which allows the players to use Play Money and explore the ins and outs of the games. The second one is the full registration which allows them to start gambling with their cryptocurrencies. The whole registration process is unbelievably simple and takes only a few minutes. The “Play Now” button can be found at the top right side of the home page on the website. The button will direct the new players toward the Dice game where the pop-up section is for the registration page. The players must complete the short steps that appear on the pop-up. The casino doesn’t require its players to submit any personal information or provide any email address during the initial registration process.

CryptoGames’ Mobile Compatibility

CryptoGame’s smooth and lightweight architecture defeats the most prominent issue, mobile compatibility. Because the website is so neatly presented and includes absolutely NO pop-ups or redirect links, gamblers from around the world can enter the casino from their smartphones and tablets. To make the access to the casino hassle-free to the core, CryptoGames offers mobile compatibility for all digital platforms. The UI of CryptoGames is compatible with both IOS and Android mobile platforms.  The games with a fancier outlook like Roulette, Blackjack, Slots, and Video Poker can even be played on any device from any location with a secured internet connection.

CryptoGames Rewarding Features, Referral Offers, and Events

CryptoGames’ growing number of loyal players has made it one of the most popular spaces for crypto gambling today. The casino thrives to engage and reward its players through various features,  promotions, and excellent events for their unconditional loyalty. The following section contains all of the information regarding the rewards, events, and promotional offers that are now available for the players.

CryptoGames  Play Money and Faucet

Beginners can take advantage of the casino’s reward play currency that is given to them from the time of registration. This play currency is exclusively made to test out 8 games at the casino. Except for the game of Lottery, PlayMoney allows the players to test out 8 games with no stress. Based on their player level, all gamblers at CryptoGames can spend and request more Play Money from the systems. This is where the Faucet feature gets highlighted and offers the players free test currency for their loyalty. The players in the casino will be able to request more Play Money every day. The number of requests per day will vary depending on the player level or VIP status.

The Rewarding RainBot

Another rewarding feature available to the players is the RainBot. To be able to enable the feature, players must be active in the casino. Regularly visiting the website, playing the games, interacting with others through Chatbox and even their activity on the Blog and Forum will count for the increment in their player levels. The RainBot will hand out cryptocurrencies in small amounts to the active players where the amounts will vary according to the levels they are on.

Referral Codes and Rewards

By recommending the casino to more curious gamblers, the casino rewards the players with15% of the house edge of every game played by the new players they recommended the casino to. Promotional banners for events and referral codes can be found on the website. This guarantees the players to win a lifetime of rewards from the casino. Since the size or result of the bet placed by their referred players does not matter for the rewards, players can rest assured that they will be taking home 15% of the house edge at all times.

CryptoGames VIP Membership

CryptoGames provides more exhilarating entertainment through the monthly events and encourages its players to take part in the most thrilling competition for the grand VIP membership.  All VIP players receive prizes for all their efforts during the monthly events. This is one of the most entertaining parts of the entire month for the players interested in gaining additional privileges from the casino. Players holding the VIP membership can benefit from a variety of rewards, faster bet processing, chatbox access, and more!

Get a closer view of some of the rewards that a VIP player gets to relish for a month.

  • Lower than the usual house edge for the Dice game. The house edge drops down to 0.8% from 1.0% for an entire month. Meaning with 20% less house edge, Dice will be available for the VIP members of the casino.
  • The system will give them the highest priority for all bets. This means the players will be able to place any size and amount of bet all while experiencing no server delay.
  • The limit for crypto exchanges will be higher for an entire month. VIP players can stay free of worry about reaching a third-party exchange as there will be no onsite exchange limit.
  • VIP players can chat with each other through the VIP chatroom where the managers of the casino will also be present.
  • Exclusively created VIP tag on Chatbox
  • On a tier 3 verification (KYC) or higher position holding on a VIP player’s birthday, the casino gifts them $100 worth of Bitcoins!
  • Increased bonus Level in Faucet for more Play Money rewards!
  • A monthly Voucher Drops in the email! Based on the position the player is holding on the leader board, they will receive several vouchers in their emails.

The Variety of Games at CryptoGames

CryptoGames provides the players with a great variety of offered games. Even the new gamblers who have had no prior experience in gambling or casino games can easily follow the instructions the games provide.  With the simplest games and features, gamblers are sure to have a good time at the casino. With most games, there is an automatic feature called the Auto Bet feature that makes gambling in multiple rounds feasible for the players. The casino also uses the most up-to-date technology to ensure complete fairness in the results. This means, there will be absolutely no scope for adulteration in the bet results. The provably fair gaming policy enables the players to claim their rewards immediately after winning and validate the results by using seeds and hashes.

Through the following games, the gamblers at CryptoGames may take part in a variety of nostalgic casino games at any time of the day.


Dice is the first game that a player notices while registering through the Play Now tab. It offers a range of potential winning chances from 0.000 to 99.999. This wide range allows beginners to try the classic game before they proceed to any of the complex games. In Dice, the bet amount and a payout multiplier must be placed at the start. Players will proceed to predict the outcome of the Dice roll and guess if they have chosen the right condition. Winning bets and lucky scores can be qualified for the Progressive Jackpots.


In CryptoGames Slot, there are 7 winning combinations for the five turning wheels. Players click on the ‘Spin’ button to activate the slot machine. This is done after the players have preselected their bet amounts and size. The game also offers an Auto Bet feature. Once a combination lines up in the center the players can claim their payout. Slot is a really easy game to understand and the winning chances of the game are also great. There are no strict rules for the combinations hence, achieving them in the middle row is all the players need to win.


Roulette’s evergreen European version is offered at CryptoGames. Despite following the European version for the house edge, the game’s payout table follows the American version of the game. The bet amount and neighbor bets must be selected before spinning the wheel. The players will be compensated for landing on a fruitful slot. The game comes with an automatic feature that places the betting chips on the betting mat. It is known as the Neighbour Bet. There are 4 automatic options for placing the chips. Along with that, the game also has a Progressive Jackpot.


One of the most classic game for every card game lover and a widely played game at the casino. All bet amounts and the desired bet size must be placed before the cards are dealt. By creating a card combination of 21 or lower points, the players will get to claim their rewards. To successfully form a winning hand, players must know their card values. This will also help them to prevent their total to exceed 21 points. Learning about the building options, like hit, and split can help them keep their points lower than 21 at all times.


Keno is the most recently added game at the casino. It has already gained many loyal players for offering easy objectives similar to the one of the Lottery. The game is designed to feature a field of numbers ranging from 1 to 40. Out of these 40 numbers, players may pick 1 to 10 to make predictions. This means the numbers they pick must match the numbers that will come up in the result to score a win. The players are compensated for getting two or more numbers correct. There are four options to choose from while setting the payout multiplier. In each one of them, a player will find a different set of payout multipliers for the round. There are Auto Bet and Random Pick features available for Keno players.


An honestly effortless game to play at any casino is Lottery. To take part in the game and to purchase the tickets, players can click on the “Buy Ticket” button, select their preferred cryptocurrencies and purchase several tickets. For purchasing the tickets, players can use four cryptocurrencies. They can also check the number of remaining tickets for the round and their possibility of winning all from the same page. Based on the cryptocurrencies they used to purchase their tickets, the drawing days will vary for the players. Upon winning, they will get to take home their entire prize money.


Plinko’s crypto version comes under the limelight as many players recognize it from the show “The Price is right”. After placing their bet amounts and bet size, players drop a ball from the top of a pyramid-shaped digitally pegged board. They get to pick one colored ball for the game. The available colors are: green, red, blue, and yellow. They can use the same or different colors of balls for each round. Rewards will be given depending on the color of the ball, the number on the winning slot, and the house edge for the color.

Video Poker

For all those who are familiar with the concept of Poker, CryptoGames brings 3 lucrative versions of Video Poker to the casino. In the game, players can claim their rewards only if they achieve the strongest possible hand with 5 cards.  Knowing about the rankings of the cards thoroughly can increase the chances of winning more. Three versions of Video Poker are Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Any one of the versions can be accessed at any time from the tab on the corner of the game board. Each version carries different house edges and payout tables. There is also a special feature for Video Poker, called Smart Hold.


Minesweeper’s unfading popularity is reflected at CryptoGames as the players play the game effortlessly to win more in each round. The game offers instant cash-out options for all the players for as long as they stay away from the mines. This means, that if they can click on the boxes for a profitable amount without hitting a mine, they get to cash out their rewards even without finishing the game. However, if they fail to protect themselves from the mines then they will lose all the amounts they earn till that moment. The players can also choose how many mines or open boxes they will face in the game.


DiceV2 is the 9th addition to the offered game set. CryptoGames created the most lucrative modern design for DiceV2 to bring a completely new version of the classic one. The game also requires the players to make a correct prediction of the result. If the prediction is made correctly then the dice stops inside the green zone located on the slider. Here as well, players have to choose their bet size and payout multiplier before rolling the dice. DiceV2 comes with an Auto Bet feature, a great winning range, Progressive Jackpot, and the same house edge as Dice.


CryptoGames’ Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

On any gaming website, a smooth and convenient payment system is undeniably one of the most important factors for the players. The selection of payment methods also decides how reliable the website is. So for all the online casinos, it is essential that they offer the best systems to ensure no hassle during the transactions. CryptoGames payment systems are incredibly simple to understand and navigate. At the casino, players may make deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals in the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Gas
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum Classic
  • Solana

Depositing or exchanging cryptocurrencies at CryptoGames is extremely simple for everyone. Since these two steps start the gambling experience, the casino offers two types of systems for them. Making regular deposits, and exchanges can be done from the “Your Account” Tab. The tab will open up the individual links for the options. When a player clicks on them, each link will lead the players to their dedicated pages where they can set up the deposit, and withdrawal addresses. For making fiat currency deposits or exchanging other cryptocurrencies, players can rely on Onramper and ChangeNow. There are a great number of deposit alternatives available at CryptoGames where the casino also recommends a few e-wallets in the FAQ section. Through all the methods the casino offers, players get to play the games supported by a flawless transaction system.

And for withdrawing the rewards or any funds from their accounts, players can again confidently rely on the casino’s straightforward methods. CryptoGames suggests several e-wallets for the players to open their withdrawal addresses on. Withdrawal processes are always backed up by tight security protocols.

CryptoGames Customer Support

The consistent and supportive customer support team at CryptoGames includes a group of specialists who are committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction and safety. For which the team is 24/7 available to assist the players with any difficulty they may be experiencing. The live chat and support system helps the players with guidance for their deposits, withdrawals, the rules of the games, and even technical difficulties. The players can get to be in contact with customer support for further assistance by sending an email. In the “Contact Us” tab on the website, players can even find the casino’s social media handles and links to get in touch with them.

Data Protection and Fund Security

In CryptoGames, the casino prioritizes user data privacy and security above anything else. They recognize the importance of protecting player information and funds by offering extra security measures like Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption. These measures raise the level of security for all the accounts created on the website. The casino also offers an Email verification process for all fund withdrawals. This means, without permission, no outsider can access the funds even if the player deactivates the Two Factor Authentication. As an additional step to ensure players’ information security, CryptoGames has been licensed by the Curacao government.

A Final Thought

Our CryptoGames review has brought more insight into crypto gambling for us. One of the most apparent findings from the review was that the service at  CryptoGames is exceptionally trustworthy and easily accessible. Upon any query or an issue, the casino’s customer support system is always prompt to help. Their straightforward and clean architecture makes the whole casino extremely user-friendly for anyone around the world. Through kind policies and remarkable measures, the casino truly allows all players to come together for an unbiased gambling experience through various appealing features. Therefore as a final thought, we recommend you to register and explore the plethora of services at CryptoGames for yourself.