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4 Crypto Trends That You Should Be Aware Of In 2022

2021 has been one heck of a ride for cryptocurrencies. There was a train of events, one followed by another. From hitting the $3 trillion market cap to a complete crypto ban in China, Ethereum & Bitcoin hit an all-time high, and digit art turned into assets- we have seen it all!.

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Now, there’s much more the crypto world is expecting in ’22. Let’s have a look at the key trends that might emerge and gain momentum this year. I


Alt Coins Are Growing Like Crazy

At the beginning of ’21, Bitcoin owed 70% of the market cap of all cryptocurrencies. However, with the rise of more and more altcoins, Bitcoin has slipped down to 40% (according to Jan ’22). Coins such as Ethereum, Cardano & Solana have gained widespread acceptance. Also, the increasing projects built around these platforms have more real-world usage now.

With the outburst of NFTs, Defi projects, and the metaverse- Bitcoin is highly likely to not be sole dominators in the game.

If you’re an investor, it’s high time. There is a wide range of altcoins to pick from! Do not miss out on the next Bitcoin.

Enter NFTs, About To Blow Up Like Anything!

NFT is at every nook and cranny of the Internet today. ’21 marked the year of educating the masses about non-fungible tokens. Now in ’22, it’s all about application and adoption. From celebs, influencers, business tycoons to sport-legends- everyone is on-board with NFTs.

For the record, the craze is only magnifying. It’s high time for enthusiasts to collect NFTs before it goes mainstream.

The Dawn Of Metaverse

The whole new dimension of entertainment, a.k.a the metaverse, is the ultimate frontier. Speaking of how it’s going to be like, no one knows yet!

However, many organizations have stepped foot and given us some of their perspectives!

It all started with Facebook rebranding itself as “Meta” in October ’21 and becoming the pioneer of this virtual dimension. Other brands followed and tried their hands on this space. Quite a few of them have come up with fascinating iterations of their own.

It is an absolute no-brainer that crypto projects will hop in to capitalize on this. Whether it is the decade-old Bitcoin or exciting new concepts like Decentraland, the potential is endless.

For the record, the metaverse won’t be kickstarting anytime soon. However, organizations can jump into this opportunity to find out what new opportunities it could bring to the table. As for crypto, it is obvious.

Web-3 Will Start To Take Shape.

Web 3.0 is the next-gen AI-driven web evolution. With Web 3.0, the Internet experience will never be the same. Block-chain-based technology, crypto assets, and metaverses will likely align seamlessly with Web 3.0 applications.

All in all, it is an attempt to make our lives easier and less cumbersome. Also, users get to retain control of their data. With its primary focus on decentralization, ’22 will mark as the confluence of Web 3.0.

As crypto already thrives on decentralized power, Web 3.0 will be in perfect sync to make our day-to-day lives more convenient.

Final Words

In a nutshell, 2022 is the beginning of a plethora of fascinating happenings in the crypto world. With crypto-assets coming together with so many block-chain based technologies, ’22 is shaping up to be pretty interesting.

Like before, it’s a good practice for you to be bullish about being in the crypto space and keep yourself updated with the latest trend. Remember to keep an eye on this section for more future updates.